Sunday Series: Motorsports Take the Wheel

Daytona 500 2014 Stock Photo

Image from: 2014 Daytona 500 / Shutterstock

February was a great month for motorsports websites — increases in unique visitors propelled them to our list of fast movers!

One of the biggest events in racecar driving took place this February 23 — the Daytona 500. It’s no coincidence that the strongest websites in the category are related to the sport! Other sites that had respectable UVs but noticed a drop in MoM rates were more likely to be focused on motorcycles or monster trucks, as opposed to car racing.

NASCAR, perhaps the biggest name in racecar culture, took the #1 spot in the category, with Jayski not too far behind. (Jayski is a pretty interesting site — it’s simple, effective, and run by one man — although it’s owned by ESPN and acts as the sports network’s portal to NASCAR information online). As bigger names in the field, their unique visitor counts were a cut above the rest at well above 3 million UVs, with third place (the website for the Feb. 23 venue) coming in at 420,531 UVs.

The first four websites all see favorable UV growth — as is expected with all the February racecar hubbub. They helped make this category one of our fast movers (fitting for racecar sites). As I mentioned earlier, sites focused on other motorsports saw a slight drop in UVs — but not to worry! Competitive seasons rotate — and with them, web traffic is likely to follow.

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