The Weekly Compete Pulse

Weekly Pulse

Hope your weekend’s going great — if not, check out our roundup of interesting and popular stories from the web! We hope they brighten your day.

The Internet Marketing Pyramid: Why Every Business Needs a Healthy Diet of all 5 Internet Marketing Groups

We all know about the food pyramid. But what about the marketing pyramid? Social Media Today brings us an interesting take on internet marketing and lists out the ‘food groups’ that should dominate the greater part of your ‘diet.’ It’s no surprise that branding, one of the core parts of Millward Brown thinking, takes the place of your ‘grains’ group! Make it the biggest part of your marketing strategy — and read more here. 

Conversion Rate Impact Calculator

It’s not often that we put shameless plugs into our Weekly Pulse — but our free new Conversion Rate Impact Calculator did receive quite a bit of Twitter love. So we’re sharing the joy with you — we think it’s a great tool to see how a tiny change in conversion rate can affect your business (that’s why we made it)! Please do check it out to see why optimizing your conversion rate is so importinent (I think I just made up a portmanteau of important and pertinent) to your web strategy.

Essential LinkedIn Marketing Resources: A Complete Guide

Social media is a power to harness — and LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional networking site — is one of the most powerful. How do you even begin to reap marketing benefits in the business/career-focused site? Well, the Social Media Examiner has compiled a brilliant list of resources to fit your Linkedin needs. Check it out and start improving your presence today!

Big-data ‘unconference’ draws big interest in Boston

One of our biggest offices is in Boston, so it’s super exciting to know that there are other data-heads out there congregating nearby. The Analytics Week unconference, first arranged in 2013 by Vishal Kumar as a big data get-together and speaker event, has been receiving high interest and feedback from industry professionals and fanatics from all over the world. It took place this entire week, with a marketing analytics-specific night on Thursday. Read a brief history of it here and visit the event’s website for more news!

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