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Have you seen the new It’s been nearly three years since we made any major changes to the data available for free on, but this week presented visitors with more data and functionality than ever. We’ve added the ability to compare two domains on a graph, find domains that are similar to the one you searched (based on criteria like unique visitors and category), and identify the top sources of traffic to virtually any website.

If you’re in a rush, here’s what you need to know:

  1. If you use, you can still get the same data and functionality you have been (and more).
  2. We’ve increased the amount of data and functionality available for free on
  3. We’re continuing to listen to our users in an effort to improve both the and Compete PRO experience. Please share your feedback with us!


Ok, back to the details. These changes were made very consciously. First and foremost, we wanted to maintain the functionality that the hundreds of thousands of existing users find valuable – so we did. We also knew we wanted to provide more value in both data and functionality. The benefit for us? Showing you a little of what Compete PRO can do. So we surveyed our registered free users and Compete PRO users and identified the top ways that you use Compete data. Then, we built three additional workflows into based on that data. Our hope is that registered users will come back more often, spread the word and take a look at what Compete PRO has to offer. After all, you can try it for free.


About Eric Keating:
Eric Keating is the Vice President of Syndicated Products at Millward Brown Digital. When Eric isn't thinking about product development and digital marketing, he’s probably brewing beer, exploring with his wife and dog, or working on his home. Connect with him on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter.