The Weekly Compete Pulse

Weekly Pulse

It’s been a phenomenal week for us and for the industry — read up on top news from our Twitter feed here!

Multiscreening and Simultaneous Media Use: Unlocking the Golden Age of Digital Marketing
It’s no surprise that a piece by our very own Millward Brown Digital Director of Research, Joline McGoldrick, makes this week’s list of top stories! Since the release of our Millward Brown AdReaction study on multiscreen usage, we have been receiving great feedback. The study reveals key insights into how consumers digest digital content across several platforms, and helps advertisers find sweet spots for each type of digital deice! We’re integrating these findings into the way we approach clients with solutions — but first, learn more in her article over at Forbes!

Airlines use Digital Technology to get Even More Personal
All the talk of the Internet of Things or wearables seems like random chatter, but we assure you it’s not! As the offline world becomes more digitized, companies are learning to adapt. How is Virgin Atlantic (among other airlines) doing their best to integrate technology into customer service? It brings up the question of personal information usage — but also challenges ideas of efficiency and client relations. Check out this article for more.

Twitter Gets Blocked in Turkey, As Prime Minister Threatens Crackdown on Social Media
News is that Turkish PM Erdogan blocked access to Twitter and is keen on doing the same with Facebook and YouTube. We’ll abstain from adding our commentary, but this is quite relevant to our industry and market (and was one of the top stories we tweeted). Read up on it for yourself here!

Warby Parker is Killing it With Social Media and Crowdsourcing
I personally am a Warby Parker fan and will be going in to refresh my eyewear this month! This article discusses the spectacles seller’s killer social media tactics and can give you insights as to how to structure your own retail social media campaign. The company makes great use of Instagram and has very active, interactive social accounts. Find out more in this link!

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