The Weekly Compete Pulse

Weekly Pulse

This week was an insane week in marketing for us, with hot industry topics and interesting developments all over the news. Here’s a few of the ones we shared that our followers were especially keen on!

Say Hi (It’s Great Marketing)

The biggest challenge for a startup is getting their awesome, innovative product or service recognized without expensive marketing campaigns — they simply don’t have the budget. So what are budding entrepreneurs to do? Neal Taparia of Imagine Easy Solutions and EasyBib fame say’s it’s simple: just say hi. See how to start expanding your network with a smile and a greeting here!

Reddcoin: Where Social Media Meets Crypto Currency

Business 2 Community brings us a great look at an interesting new cryptocurrency: Reddcoin. Instead of being used to pay for goods and services (like Bitcoin), Reddcoin is more of a tipping service via Twitter — it’s like a monetary thank you for awesome followers! Read more about it and learn how to use it here. 

SXSW: What Social Media Analytics and Data Can’t Tell You

LinkedIn’s influencer blog series has Beth Kanter offering an in-depth view of the topics covered in the SXSW panel “What Social Media Analytics and Data Can’t Tell You.” Using social media charity as the basis of her study, Kanter takes a closer look into slacktivism and how vanity metrics cannot be the be-all, end-all for nonprofits’ social campaigns. Find out more here!

Only 23% of CMOs Spend Majority of their Time on ROI and Efficiency of Marketing

Recent Rakuten Marketing research has revealed how the average CMO breaks down their time. There’s no doubt that CMOs have quite a lot of marketing conundrums and plans on their plate, so having only 23% of them focusing on ROI isn’t necessarily a bad thing! See what other tasks CMOs have to juggle as well, and what they can potentially do to be more epic forces of productivity.

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