The Weekly Compete Pulse

Weekly Pulse

Happy weekend! This week, we had a few outstanding articles that our followers really enjoyed reading. Take a look and learn more about content marketing, marketing automation, and data!

How Content Marketing is Changing and What We Can Do to Be Ready

Nathan Safran writes an interesting article for Search Engine Watch, tracking the evolution of content marketing. Detailed graphs help understand common problems, and Safran provides a few suggestions on how to improve and adapt to the new style. Check out the story here!

Why Marketing Automation Fails: 3 Common Reasons

A convenient list discussing marketing automation strategy issues, this article also gives a few simple fixes to such issues. It acknowledges the benefits of turning to automation — but points out potential vices and failures. Read here to find out how to generate leads with quality marketing automation!

Data Isn’t Just for the Big Guys Anymore

This article from Entrepreneur Magazine takes a closer look at all forms of data — and emphasizes its necessity for all businesses (big and small)! Data isn’t just Big Data — even basic information can help a business streamline its processes and better utilize resources. Find out more here!


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