Share Your Compete PRO Story and Win!


Image from: iPad / Shutterstock

Our team works hard to create solutions that help make marketers’ lives easier, so there is nothing we love more than hearing about our clients’ successes with these solutions. But those of us that don’t regularly interact with Compete PRO users miss out on some really great firsthand accounts. So today we’re launching a contest to collect your success stories to keep us constantly striving for results.

And to show our appreciation we’re giving away either a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 OR an iPad Air to the THREE Compete PRO users that submit the most interesting, innovative, or overall impressive success stories. Did you optimize your search marketing, win a deal, generate a list of prospects, beat a competitor, or increase your marketing ROI by leveraging Compete PRO data? Share your best story with us by March 21, 2014 and you could take home your choice of a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 or an iPad Air! Learn more HERE.

About Katie Hrdy:
Katie is currently Associate Product Marketing Manager at Millward Brown Digital. She is a graduate of the MBA program at Northeastern University and spends her days developing marketing materials, providing product launch support, and generating thought leadership. Connect with her on Google+, Twitter, or LinkedIn.