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Weekly Pulse

This was a particularly active week on our social media fronts — so here’s the shared stories our followers found the most interesting!

How to Use Relative Standing for Online Analytics

Any math-lovers out there? You’ll get a kick out of this post from MarketingLand. If you remember statistic classes you ever took, writer Benjamin Vigneron will jog that memory with a quick rundown of how statistical terms can be applied to online analytics — and hopefully help you get more from your data! Check out the detailed post here.

 The Challenges of Using Social Media in Banking

Social media allows a company to be transparent and connect with their customers on a more intimate basis. But as much as they’d like these interactions to be positive, a good portion of the social media public also posts their complaints online. How do banks, which are even more concerned with public perception of trustworthiness, use social media effectively and carefully? This article digs deeper into the trials facing financial giants and offers a few tips. 

10 Key Tips for Online Video Marketing

Video content is awesome. It’s more entertaining than reading large blocks of text, shows your consumers who you are, and are oftentimes more digestible than other content. Well, that’s provided you do video marketing right. Read this post by Jeff Bullas and see ten ways you can up your video ante!

The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Social Media

FastCompany always has an interesting, engaging writing style. Watch it come out in this great article about rising companies that prove they’re a cut above the rest with their unique social media strategies! A few that made the list: Twitter, Whatsapp, Foursquare, and even NASA. See it here!

LinkedIn Opens Site to Long-Form Publishing: a.k.a Blogging

LinkedIn’s long-form posts (normally seen when shared by connections or through their Pulse recommendations) were generally written by a curated list of influences (Richard Branson and Deepak Chopra, among many outstanding others). However, starting February 19, the professional networking site began rolling out long-form publishing to 25,000 of their top members. Read up on the new development and some posting guidelines here.


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