The Weekly Compete Pulse

Weekly Pulse

This week held quite a few interesting stories for the digital world, from topics like the Olympics to Jimmy Fallon to Groupon. Check out the top articles we shared!

Was Groupon’s Hamilton promotion a marketing stunt?

The weekend before President’s Day, popular savings site Groupon released a $10 promotion for purchases over $40 in honor of “one of our greatest presidents,” Alexander Hamilton. (Hamilton was never a president). Social media followers were quick to point out the gaffe — but was it an intentional joke? Groupon says it was, and the social response was certainly impressive. Read more about it in this USA Today story!

From Russia with Likes

The Olympics’ reach has always been a force to reckon with as it pulls in the entire world’s attention. With social media, observing this phenomenon has never been easier (or more interesting)! The International Olympic Committee put together a report of the remarkable online interaction, describing the various international platforms that are propelling social media action to great heights. VKontakte (Russia), Weibo (China), Twitter, and the Olympic Athletes’ Hub are a few of the channels mentioned in the article, found here. 

Big Data and Analytics in Brazil On the Road to Become a Billion-Dollar Market By 2018

Studies by Frost and Sullivan in Brazil take a closer look at the expanding role of digital analytics and data. Investigating growing demand in the market for consultancy, advising, strategic planning, and more, this article also pulls from forecast studies that predict Brazil’s digital success. See the stats and analysis here!

Why are Sitemaps Important for SEO?

In the more practical/applicable side of digital articles is this one, offering a clear explanation on sitemaps’ relevance.  Jenny Verman from the Internet Marketing Academy identifies types of sitemaps, then provides three of their primary uses and how that helps improve SEO for your website. Read more and see how you can improve your site navigation.

Jimmy Fallon Seizing Social Media ahead of “Tonight Show” Takeover

Another big event this week was Jimmy Fallon’s first night as the new host of “The Tonight Show” (previously hosted by Jay Leno). Fallon graduated from his previous and quite popular “Late Night.” But before the show even aired, social media hype was going strong (and because analytics is all the rage, there’s data to back up all that coveted coverage)! See exactly how social activity soared and what this potentially means for other late night programs like Arsenio Hall and David Letterman.

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