Sunday Series: Tennis Traffic Turns Heads

Australia Open Sunday Series

Image from: Australia Open / Shutterstock

January 2014 held some exciting events for the tennis world, the biggest being the Australian Open! See what other sites propelled this category into our fast movers for last month.

Overall, the tennis category saw an awesome 152% increase in unique visitor count.

But what’s more interesting are the individual website MoM growth percentages, especially that of It seems that the original URL for the event,, began redirecting visitors to the shorter domain in November 2013. At first, only received less than 3,000 visitors, then seeing an increase to around 17,000 in December. In January, however, this figure rose to nearly 770,000 visitors — quite in sync with the event’s Jan. 19 start date. As such, gained 4479.8% more unique visits month-over-month.

In essence, visitors were led to the top 10 sites primarily due to the event, as other top 10 pages covering the Australian Open or posting scores were,, and Not unremarkably, the sites with the highest MoM increases for unique visitors were the ones with Australian Open content!

While the tennis category’s success is fairly straightforward, it’s quite obvious that you don’t need to be the official site for certain content — but housing relevant content on your site will certainly help with your traffic.

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