January Data is Now Live – Tax season starts, New Year’s resolutions, and more…

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February 24 Update: January 2014 data is now live in Site Analytics as well! To get priority early access to data each month, start your Compete PRO subscription today!

The first month of the new year is behind us and we’re off to a great start! January 2014 data is live and available in Compete PRO and the usual tax filing bump at the start of the year is joined by a few other interesting sites across our Monthly and Yearly Fast Movers. Diving right into the Monthly Fast Movers, TaxACT continues to grow at impressive levels, with its TaxACT.com and TaxACTonline.com properties being the two fastest growing properties (even taking over last year’s #2 spot from Turbo Tax). While TaxACT is growing its user base faster than the competition, it is also better engaging them online. If you use Compete PRO to look at engagement for the top three online tax filing options, you will see that users spent an average of over 17 minutes on TaxACTonline.com compared with a little over 12 minutes for Intuit.com (where TurboTax.com directs you to when filing online), and nearly 10 minutes for HRBlock.com. This is likely a reflection of the TaxACT strategies to promote online filing, as opposed to H&R Block’s offline tax consulting services and Turbo Tax’s offline software.

Besides the increases across tax websites, PearsonMyLabandMastering.com and Nutrisystem.com make interesting appearances in the Monthly Fast Movers. Pearson’s MyLab & Mastering site is home to a collection of online study guides, homework assignments, and tutorial content for higher education students. College students heading back for a new semester definitely helped drive traffic to PearsonMyLabandMastering.com in January; nearly 37% of the site’s visitors in January fell into the 18-24 age bracket, nearly 60% of its visitors were under 34. Nutrisystem.com had very impressive year-over-year (YoY) growth in addition to their MoM growth. With Americans looking to shed the holiday weight and make good on New Year’s resolutions, it’s encouraging to see calorie and exercise tracking programs like MyFitnessPal.com and WeightWatchers.com appear in Nutrisystem.com’s incoming traffic.

Monthly Fast Movers January 2014

As for Yearly Fast Movers, one of the most interesting additions is GoFundMe.com. While the audiences and projects differ considerably between the three largest crowdfunding websites (Kickstarter.com, Indiegogo.com, and GoFundMe.com), the idea is the same: an easy way to raise money from people you may or may not know for projects you care about. We’ve done some conversion analysis on Kickstarter and Indiegogo before, but it may be time to include GoFundMe as January 2014 was the second consecutive month that GoFundMe.com surpassed former industry leader Kickstarter.com in terms of monthly unique visitors (UVs). Indiegogo still leads the pack in terms of average stay and Kickstarter is still king when it comes to page views, but GoFundMe’s unique visitors can’t be ignored. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as this story unfolds over the coming months.

Yearly Fast Movers January 2014

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