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January data went live this week, and we’ve got some interesting results from our top categories! The Financial Aid category started 2014 with a bang as one of our fast movers.  January is the most stressful, most important month in the entire college application season — it’s when the vast majority of applications are due. Most institutions also require that financial aid forms be submitted at the same time in order to screen students for need-based scholarship or grant eligibility.

The most important of these forms is our #1 fast mover, the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Actually, the FAFSA takes three spots in the top 10, as #2 is a PIN-creation page for the application, and #6 is a URL iteration leading to the same page. This makes managing the FAFSA’s unique visitor account a bit tricky, because visitors may actually be overlapped — but’s increased traffic is no less important with a 139.21% rate for MoM growth!

Other sites on the list offer general information on collegiate financial aid (,,, and are all excellent resources for state or privately funded aid). Their growth rates are impressive at 40-75% MoM among them.

The January data comes at a great time for me personally — CollegeBoard’s PROFILE application (a need calculator, used primarily with private universities) has a February 15 due date, and I may be slightly behind with my own FAFSA/PROFILE filing. Nevertheless, I hope the unique visitor increases mean that more students across the nation will receive financial aid for fall 2014. Best of luck if you’re one of these applicants… or re-filing like me!

Financial Aid Compete Data January 2014

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