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Weekly Pulse

It’s the last weekend before Single’s Awareness/Valentine’s Day on Friday! If you haven’t gone gift-hunting yet, here’s a few of our top shared stories from this past week to keep you company and/or help you give your significant other the gift of digital marketing knowledge. (We’re kidding… sort of).

Identifying customer needs with Big Data

A thoughtful, intensely educational article, this rundown on Big Data basics helps business owners understand rising digital trends. It also offers ways to rethink a company’s strategy and get the ball rolling on analytics usage. If you’re looking to dig deeper into the world of consumer intelligence, definitely check this out!

8 Things You Need to Know About Transparency in Your Social Marketing Efforts

With the volume of users on social looking for real interactions (not bots!), it’s important to show the human side of your business as well. Memeburn brings us 8 tips on how to be more personable and engaging via social channels — and they’re all relatively simple things any social marketer could do! Read more to find out what these tips are.

Super Bowl Real-Time Marketing Falls Flat Without Cultural Moments

Following Oreo’s successful RTM (real-time marketing) “Dunk in the Dark” tweet from last year’s Super Bowl, myriad other groups readied their social sites in their war rooms and live tweeted this year’s game. This story from DigiDay takes a closer look and questions the trend’s newfound popularity, as well as its sustainability. Will brand-to-brand social interaction and RTM really hold consumer interest? See why they may not be foolproof marketing solutions.

Harvard’s Chief Digital Officer: 10 Digital Best Practices

Perry Hewitt, Harvard’s CDO, has an awesome list of digital practices to help other CDOs as well as other executives in the industry. As one of the first CDOs in higher education (and as the first in the Ivy League), her insights are not only relevant but extremely well-written. It’s no surprise that our followers responded well to her content! The Huffington Post brings us this post here.

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