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December 2013 is long gone now with 2014 well underway — but now that it’s February (hint: Valentine’s Day is coming up), some of our December data may prove their relevance! One of the fast moving categories for 2013’s holiday season was, understandably, Food and Groceries.

Out of the top ten sites, only two were grocery chains (Safeway topped the list at number 1, with Publix taking 5th). The rest — in congruence with gifting fever — were boutique sites specifically for the upper echelon of gourmet brands. These boutique sites, in fact, enjoyed crazy month over month (MoM) growth with impressive growth rates between 175-700%!

Some of the sites with the most remarkable MoM growth in unique visitors were fruit connoisseurs Edible Arrangements,, and Harry & David; as well as bakery/chocolatier Swiss Colony. Some of my personal favorites (I’m quite the carnivore, as it would seem) Hickory Farms and Omaha Steaks also made the top ten. General gift purveyor Figis took 6th with 186.47% growth, while came in 8th with a shocking 679.40% increase. experienced the most drastic MoM growth, but they have quite the advantage with a keyword-rich domain. Looking at it a bit closer, Compete data shows the top search referrals to the site as keywords like”gift baskets,”gourmet gift baskets,” “Christmas gift baskets,” and “gift baskets for men,” to name a few. That isn’t to say ecommerce sites should have product/keyword-heavy domains, but it certainly seems to help in online searches.

Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away, so these sites may see an interesting upward hike across various metrics. In any event, their December 2013 was certainly impressive!

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