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Holiday Shopping

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Check out this study conducted by Facebook and Millward Brown Digital on how shoppers utilized Facebook during their 2013 holiday shopping!


Every day, marketers have an opportunity to connect with customers during key purchasing decisions. To better understand the role mobile and Facebook play in critical shopping moments, we commissioned global research agency Millward Brown Digital to conduct a US study exploring how mobile and Facebook help marketers influence purchase decisions. Conducted during the shortened 2013 holiday shopping period, the study shows that mobile was a must-have tool for shoppers and Facebook was an essential companion throughout the entire holiday shopping trip.

How we Shopped Holiday 2013 Infographic

BEFORE: Shoppers start with a plan but are open to discovery

While hurried shoppers often made a plan before hitting the stores, marketers had a shrinking window to make a meaningful connection. Nearly two-thirds of shoppers spent less than an hour researching their trip; they typically made a purchase within three days from the start of their research. News Feed played a key role in consumer discovery — 46% of people who used Facebook before shopping used it to look for deals, promotions and holiday gift ideas.

DURING: Mobile is perceived as a hero for shoppers and Facebook is an essential companion

At the store, 65% of shoppers accessed their phones for a shopping-related activity; and, while shopping in-store, those people used Facebook at 4X the rate of any other app or search. Nearly 60% of shoppers who used Facebook for information and ideas found it to be influential to their shopping experience.

AFTER: Once the presents were wrapped, people shared their experience on Facebook

Eighty-three percent of shoppers who follow a retailer or consumer product on Facebook found their posts to be somewhat to very valuable when preparing for holiday shopping — and when the holiday shopping was complete, 89% of shoppers shared their experience on Facebook.

Source:The Impact of Mobile and Facebook While Shopping, Millward Brown Digital and Firefly Millward Brown, January 2014.

Footnotes: Study was U.S. only. Sample size (n=500), Timeframe: Holiday shopping period of November 28th to December 25th 2013.


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