Sunday Series: Jewelry Category Sparkles and Shines

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The holiday season always has an insurgence of TV ads featuring husbands and boyfriends pulling out jewelry boxes from behind trees or under the mistletoe — so it’s no surprise that the shopping category for jewelry made December 2013’s list of fast movers!

Zales, Jay, and Jared Jewelers round out the top three as the largest names in luxury pieces — but there are some interesting members of the top ten that are certainly worth mentioning.

Alex and Ani, founded in 2004, is a smaller ecommerce site. Its popularity has increased immensely over two years. Traffic from 2012 saw an average of  around 50 thousand unique visitors a month, with the holiday season bringing these figures up to almost 200 thousand. 2013, however, saw the same trend (fairly stable year until sharp rises during holiday shopping season), but on a much higher scale! For the first part of 2013, UV (unique visitor count) was consistently above 100 thousand. Then from August to December 2013, unique visitor count jumped to nearly 600 thousand, to have their YoY change rate soar to 234.4%.

Tiffany, however, ended 2013 with a 5.43% drop in YoY unique visitor count, despite being one of the most luxurious and coveted jewelry brands. Its monthly change, at 47.15%, does indicate strong holiday interest (something I definitely noticed when looking through several of my friends’ Instagram profiles).

Another interesting fast mover is Fossil, at #5 on our list. The wristwatch specialist enjoyed 80.20% MoM increase in unique visitors — one of the strongest MoM increases in the entire category by far. Within the top 10, Fossil certainly experienced the greatest MoM growth. Perhaps that’s due to the market — watches are far less gender-specific than other jewelry, as it seems.

Last month’s Jewelry Category data is particularly interesting in terms of the unique visitor count — but other metrics (like page views, overall visits, and total time spend on a site) can be found through Compete PRO! To learn more, visit  our official website.


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