Quick Tip: Overview of Site Comparisons

You can compare up to 5 sites quickly and easily using a Compete PRO account or compare up to two competitors using our free site analytics tool. The images and steps provided below will outline the process for using Compete PRO’s data to benchmark your competitors.

  1. This section allows you to type in any five domains you’re interested in comparing, or you can load an existing saved group if you’ve already saved competitive sets in the home tab. Once you’ve entered all the domains you’d like to compare, select the Compare button on the bottom. site compare search
  2. You will immediately be taken to the Site Summary section of the Compare tab. The first graph you’ll see will default to show the Unique Visitors for each domain for the last year. Free site users will only be able to view Unique Visitors while PRO users will have access to all of our monthly and daily metrics. Click the arrow next to Unique Visitors and the drop down menu will reveal all of the metrics available. site comparison Real 2
  3. PRO users will also be able to adjust the time frame in the graph and have access to two full years of trended monthly data.
  4. Beyond the Site Summary, PRO users can also compare Search Referrals and Incoming/Outgoing Traffic for their competitive sets.

If you have any further questions regarding comparing sites within Compete PRO, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Client Relations Team at support@compete.com.

About Alison Shafer:
Alison Shafer is a Customer Success Manager at Millward Brown Digital. She has a degree in Marketing and Communications from Syracuse University and has worked in various marketing roles since graduating in 2011. Find her on LinkedIn or Google+!