Sunday Series: Christmas Gifts for the Shopping Center Category


The holiday season always brings shoppers to stores in droves, so there’s no surprise that the Shopping Centers and Malls category made our list of fast movers for December 2013! The category saw a 51.32% increase in MoM (month-over-month) traffic for unique visitors as consumers wrapped up their holiday shopping. (Overall MoM visit count saw a respectable 50.77% increase).

A closer look at the YoY (year-over-year) change shows an overall drop of 9.17%. This could be due to a rise in ecommerce and online shopping in opposition to in-store shopping, but there are likely several other reasons affecting the drop (for example, perceived economic climate or extremely successful Black Friday sales).

What’s interesting to note is that apart from the top three sites, the rest of the top ten are actually location-specific sites. Simon Malls and Westfield Shopping Centers are both large chains, whereas MallSeeker is a database. 4 out of the 7 location-specific websites (all beginning with the word ‘shop’) actually belong to a chain company called Taubman Centers — and one of the locations even suffers a 19.39% MoM drop. The Taubman site itself ( doesn’t rank anywhere in the top ten, but given that four of its sites made it the list is indicative of their success.

With the holiday season behind us, traffic has likely decreased — but perhaps consumers will return in time for Valentine’s Day gifting.



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