The Weekly Compete Pulse: Looking Back at 2013

Best of Weekly Pulse 2013

With 2013 in our rear view, we decided to look back at all of our blog posts and see which were the most read, liked, tweeted, and shared to show you what you found most interesting. Let us present the best of the Compete Pulse, as decided by 2013.

  1. Aligning Mobile Marketing With Consumer Behavior Taking data from research done in concert with LightSpeed Research, we take a look at how, what, where and why consumers are using mobile.
  2. Pre-Launch Shopping Interest Suggests Sony’s PlayStation 4 May Have the Merriest Holiday Using our data, we took a detailed look at how interest in each of the consoles looked before each of their launches. Additionally, we see which retailers are expected to sell the most this holiday season.
  3. The 6 Types of Digital Consumers and Their Paths to Purchase In a study released Compete and GroupMNext, we got significant insight into the Digital Consumer’s Path to Purchase, identifying the six different types of digital consumers.
  4. 6 On and Off-Site Actions to Improve SEO In one of the few SEO posts we published this year, Eric Armstrong goes into six different tactics to improve your websites SEO – both on your site and off.
  5. Why Email Marketing is Still Effective for Brands Are you always focusing on the latest and greatest channels to promote your brand? This article shows why email, one of the original methods of online communication, is still not only effective, but close to the top.
  6. Comparing Conversion Rates of Crowdfunding Pioneers With the release of Online Conversion Insights, we can now take a deep look at the conversion rates of sites and that of their competitors’. Check out this comparison of Kickstarter and Indiegogo – two of the leaders in crowdfunding.
  7. Analyzing the Demographic Data of Rising Search Engine DuckDuckGo DuckDuckGo, the search engine that champions privacy, made waves and gained wide recognition when the first of the Snowden leaks were released. But who exactly is using the site?
  8. Touchdown for Super Bowl Automotive Ads? The Super Bowl is by far the largest television marketing event of the year and brands pay millions each year for as little as a 10 second spot. See which automotive companies came out in 2013’s Super Bowl.
  9. A Compete Analysis of Obamacare The Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as Obamacare, was a main talking point during 2013. That is why we decided to use Compete PRO to take an in-depth look at Obamacare – everything from search destinations to demographics, it’s all here.
  10. Marketers Can Map the Consumer’s Journey To Purchase The explosion of digital channels, the always-on media ecosystem, and the increasingly mobile consumer challenge even the savviest of digital marketers with the simple question: how can I reach the consumer in the right way?
About Zach Eberhart:
As a senior at Northeastern University, Zach Eberhart is thrilled to join the Compete team as the new Social Media / Marketing Co-op. Majoring in marketing and management information systems, Zach loves everything marketing and technology and has experience in both the agency and startup world. If you like what you read, you can connect with him on Google+ or LinkedIn.