Introducing new Social Insights in Compete PRO

Social Insights

Image from: Social Insights / Shutterstock

Today, we are incredibly excited to launch our new Compete PRO Social Insights module! The Compete PRO Social Insights module gives you information about activity happening on social media and activity occurring from social media on your website. The result is a complete picture of how you are doing in social media versus your competitors.

Compete PRO Social Insights gives marketers answers to questions like:

  • Which social media channels are the most effective at driving visitors to my website?
  • Are those social visitors more engaged on my site than my other visitors? Than my competitors’ visitors?
  • How does my social activity compare to my most successful competitors?

Social Traffic Breakdown from Social Insights

With these insights you can understand the impact your social media marketing efforts are having so you can make smarter decisions about how to allocate your budget to drive effective social media marketing campaigns.

To learn more, head over to our Compete PRO Social Insights product page or call us at 866-633-8390.

About Katie Hrdy:
Katie is currently Associate Product Marketing Manager at Millward Brown Digital. She is a graduate of the MBA program at Northeastern University and spends her days developing marketing materials, providing product launch support, and generating thought leadership. Connect with her on Google+, Twitter, or LinkedIn.