Sunday Series: Virality Brings Fast Mover Status


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November was a good month for the personal blogs category, skyrocketing the second-highest amount of unique visitors (UVs) in two years. But this sharp jump in traffic wasn’t due to a sudden interest in personal blogs, it was due to a single site (with the slight help from a few others). The category as a whole saw a 154% month over month (MoM) increase to a little over 6 million UVs for the month of November.

The site that went viral and helped the category to make it to fast mover status is Seeing a 42,000% MoM rise to a little under 3.3 million UVs, it’s amazing to see how a site going viral can drive an entire category to be a fast mover. Curious as to which page caused the site to go viral, we dove a little deeper and found that it was because of an article on why marriage isn’t for you. With a provocative title and a good message, there is no surprise that this article caught the attention and then resonated with so many people.

Although having an article go viral to the point where it earns the site more UVs than Spotify, Toyota, US Airways, or The Verge is pretty rare, have you ever had an article go viral? If so, what was it about?

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