Black Friday & Cyber Monday Report: Everything’s Merry for Amazon

Black Friday Shopping Amazon

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It seems as though every year, more and more pressure gets put on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Not only are these important days for retailers to capture holiday shopping sales, but lately it seems that consumer confidence, holiday season projections and the weight of the world rests on the results. So with half of the holiday shopping season behind us, what better time to see how retailers are performing online this year and how that compares to last year.

Daily Reach Amazon

Using the Compete PRO solution, which relies on the Compete behavioral panel, we can see that retail giant Amazon’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday online performance clearly beat their 2012 performance. We’ve conducted this analysis using the Daily Reach metric, which measures how many people visit a website as a percentage of all U.S. Internet users online.

Not only did Amazon beat last year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday performance, but when you dig into the results there are a few more interesting findings. Thanksgiving Day marketing was in full swing this year, with many retailers opening their doors for the first time. Amazon was able to capture some of this Turkey Day activity as they saw a 1.2% increase over 2012, compared to a 0.7% uptick for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Daily Attention Amazon

In addition, the solid online performance has not been limited to our holiday season spectacular shopping days, the entire month of November has seen a strong showing. Amazon often helps to carry total retail activity, so if trends continue we could be in for a strong holiday season. Now that would be the best holiday treat retailers could ask for. With 16 days left until Christmas, we will keep you posted to see how your favorite retailers fare.

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