Sunday Series: Hockey Picks Up Early in the Season


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If you are a hockey fan, you are used to the ups and downs that the sport can put you through—both by your favorite team and the league itself. This year seems to be the start of a very good for hockey. This is assumed by the uncharacteristic multi-month rise in traffic when traffic numbbers are normally flat. In the past, the category didn’t see a lift until January, when many of the casual fans may begin to watch after their favorite football team didn’t make or lost in the playoffs. This year, there was never a dry period. The traffic dipped in July and August and then shot right back up. The category saw a 53% month-over-month (MoM) increase in traffic—one of the fast moving categories of the month.

The site that can claim nearly all responsibility for the fast mover status is the obvious, Seeing a 56% MoM increase in unique visitors (UVs) to 2.7 million, there is no questioning its role. One thing to take notice of though, is the fact that many of the sites that are in the top ten are AHL teams. The Hershey Bears (for me a local favorite now that the Phantoms are no longer a team), the Chicago Wolves, and others all dominate the top ten sites in the category. Although this isn’t expected to last much longer, it is still nice to see AHL teams stepping it up and holding the interest of hockey fans.

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