20+ Black Friday & Cyber Monday Facts That You Need to Know

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Facts

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With Black Friday and Cyber Monday, two of the biggest shopping days of the year just around the corner, we have some good news for retailers. Shoppers looking to snag a good deal are busy searching and browsing around to find products they hope to acquire. Nearly twice as many people plan to spend more this n Black Friday compared to last year than those who will be reducing their budget. Among the most popular categories to shop for during Thanksgiving weekend are electronics, clothing, toys and video games. About 4 out of 5 shoppers will be checking out Amazon.com for deals, with Walmart and Best Buy coming in second and third place.

Black Friday Shopping Budget Comparison

Shoppers are keen on researching for the best deals and rely on different sources to gather information. The majority of shoppers are visiting Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal sites such as Blackfriday.com and Cybermonday.com.

Black Friday Stat

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They’re also browsing online store circulars, visiting retailer websites, checking out social media pages and talking to friends and family about promotions. That’s right, a good number of people still rely on word of mouth as a source of this kind of information. Indeed, across all age groups surveyed, more people stated they get their shopping information from friends and family than from social media.

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Information Sources

And retailers will be pleased to hear that Gmail’s segmentation of emails into different tabs seems to be working with rather than against their goals. There is a higher share of shoppers who state that they view promotional emails more with the new tab feature than those who state they view them less.

Promotional Emails in Gmail

Slightly over a quarter of shoppers already have a separate email account dedicated to receiving emails from retailers. Now that emails are separated into different tabs, there is no need to log into multiple accounts, making the process more convenient for shoppers to identify promotions and deals. Shortening the length of research can only help to bring shoppers closer to making the purchase.