The Weekly Compete Pulse

Weekly Pulse

Here’s a round up of our favorite digital marketing stories from the web this week:

10 Google Analytics Advanced Segments That Reveal Search & Social ROI Anyone who has used Google Analytics knows that getting actionable insights from your data isn’t always the easiest task. That is why the more savvy of Google Analytics users know that the real key in getting what you want from your data is in the use of advanced segments. Unfortunately, those new to advanced segments may not know where to start. That is why the people over at Search Engine Watch put together this excellent list of advanced segments to help you get insights into your social data.

How & When You Can Turn SEM From A Checkbox To A Core Business Component As search engine marketing (SEM) becomes an invaluable component of many digital marketing budgets, companies who are engaging in it just to “check it off” on their to do digital marketing portfolio aren’t getting the full value out of it competing companies that are treating it as a core component are. In this post from Search Engine Land, the author describes the difference between the two types of companies and how you can become the latter.

How To Get Interactive Branding Right As experiences like New Coke have shown, branding exercises can easily spiral into unmitigated disasters. Hard enough to take if you’re a globe-striding corporation; but if you’re a small unit just starting out it can be a disaster. However, there is one type of ‘business’ that nearly always seems to excel at branding: non-profits. See how non-profits are succeeding at interactive branding and how you can apply their successful strategies to your business.

The Most Effective Tactics for Acquiring Facebook Fans and Twitter Followers Digital marketers do not believe that the most commonly used tactics for acquiring Facebook fans and Twitter followers are very effective in delivering quality community and audience members, according to a recent report from ExactTarget. See what marketers think are the most common strategies and what they think are the most effective.

What was your favorite digital marketing story this week? We’d love for you to share links in the comments!

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