Sunday Series: Fashion & Style Among October’s Fast Movers

Fashion and Style

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For this week’s Sunday Series, we have a category that hasn’t made the fast movers list for some time now, the “Fashion and Style” category. As a whole the category saw a 15.6% month-over-month (MoM) increase in unique visitors (UVs). This brought the total category UVs up to 15.9 million for the month of October – the highest that it has been in over a year.

The fastest moving site among this category was, a fashion blog that has seen tremendous growth over the past three months with exponential increases. Nearly hockey sticking, the site saw a 72% MoM lift from August to September and then an even higher MoM increase of 86% from September to October. Although it’s unclear why exactly they have seen such a lift in traffic, one explanation might be a feature in world news sites (marked by a 66% increase in traffic from the category) and higher Pinterest growth (156% MoM increase).

Other sites that are performing well are, a fashion, style, and celebrity blog that also saw a 86% increase, which saw a 46% MoM increase, and which saw a 44% increase—one that helped break the site into the top ten. Although it is tough to say what exactly helped the category to become a fast mover, one explanation is that the holiday season is approaching and consumers are getting a head start on their holiday wish list. We’ll see how the category does next month when holiday shopping really starts to begin.

Fast Movers Fashion and Style

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