Sunday Series: Traffic Gives Large Boost to Insurance Category


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If you were following current events during the month of October then you are probably aware of one of the top stories—the government shutdown and the launch of, the acting portal of the Affordable Care Act. Knowing this, it’s not surprising that the “Insurance & Physicians” category made our list of fast moving categories. Earning a little over 40 million unique visitors (UVs) during the month of October, the category saw a 35% month-over-month (MoM) increase.

The darling of the category,, was the main reason that this category made it to the fast movers list with an impressive 357% MoM increase. Not only does this surpass their previous MoM increase of 186%, but it gives the site almost 11 million UVs – meaning that now contributes more than a quarter of all traffic that the “Insurance & Physicians” category sees. Not too shabby for a site that was only just officially launched.

With so much attention on healthcare during October, it is also unsurprising that most of the sites in the category saw a slight lift. Although all sites in the top ten fast movers saw a positive increase, the highest MoM increase (behind, was—also a government site. It will be interesting to see how fares in November as criticisms wane and many are hard at work on the site’s infrastructure post-launch.

Fast Movers: Insurance and Physicians

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