The Weekly Compete Pulse

Weekly Pulse

Here’s a round up of our favorite digital marketing stories from the web this week:

Michael Kors’s Instagram Ad: 36K Likes, 200 Rage-Filled Comments Instagram’s first ad from Michael Kors has begun surfacing in users’ streams today, prompting thousands of likes and a couple hundred outraged comments. Published today to the brand’s nearly 1.3 million followers, but also to users who don’t follow Michael Kors, the image of a gold watch resting beside a plate of macaroons has garnered more than 36,000 likes. Check out the full post on Instagram’s ad debut here.

Twitter’s New Display Ads in Action Twitter essentially began selling display advertising last week, in accordance with an update it made on Tuesday. Images in promoted tweets now appear automatically in users’ feeds, transforming those tweets into banner ads of sorts. See how brands have since been tweaking their imagery to make the most of the opportunity.

Instagram ads are turning into ‘likes’ 5 percent of the time Like shirt sponsorships in football, advertising spliced into the web’s most popular free services has grown to become an accepted, if unwelcome, reality. Instagram jumped on that bandwagon this month with its first sponsored post, which has drawn the inevitable chorus of disapproval but also a surprisingly high rate of user participation. See how well the new ads are resonating with Instagram’s users.

No. 1 Position in AdWords Doesn’t Always Get Highest CTR [Study] What share of clicks does the No. 1 position in Google’s paid search results get? This is the question digital marketing agency Accuracast attempted to answer in a 12-month study of ad activity covering nearly 2 million clicks. What they found was the No. 1 position in Google’s paid search results had an average click-through rate of 7 percent, versus just 3 percent in the No. 2 position and 2 percent in No. 3 position. Check out the rest of the study here.

What was your favorite digital marketing story this week? We’d love for you to share links in the comments!

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