How to Maximize Ad Efficiency by Reaching Your Exact Target Demographic


As MySpace continues to surprise just about everyone with some of the highest traffic numbers they’ve had in years and a 50% increase in users since the relaunch, one thing that is still concerning is the tremendous drop in visitor engagement.

As you can see, since the redesign and launch, site engagement has been down across the board – the only engagement metric to see a lift being visits per person. So why is this the case? One of the main reasons could be that a high percentage of this newly obtained traffic is paid—traffic that typically has lower engagement. Another explanation for the drop in engagement is curiosity. People that have seen the video ad campaign and people that have heard that they have rebranded may be curious as to what the site looks like and decided to stop by and look around.

Although all of these explanations are possible, and all are probably in effect to some extent, there is also the possibility that MySpace’s advertising blitz isn’t hitting the right audience. Where the curiosity may have been piqued of the many that have seen the $20 million campaign, perhaps the correct demographic has not been reached.

How can MySpace effectively reach their target demographic?

Judging by the content of the advertising campaign, MySpace wants to reach the younger demographic. Knowing this, and knowing that they have had good reach and have inspired millions of people to (re)visit their site, perhaps the reason for the low site engagement is that they have not been reaching their target demographic. Now although MySpace has the cash to utilize sophisticated ad technology and conduct expensive market research, most SMBs and agencies do not have that option.

That’s why we are happy to introduce a new feature of Compete PRO. Site Finder, now available for Advanced Compete PRO users, allows you to build lists of sites that match your exact needs based on the following:

  • Unique Visitors
  • Category
  • Demographics
  • Growth

How could MySpace use Site Finder to better reach their target demographic?

Assuming that MySpace has correctly identified their target demographic, then placing advertisements on sites with high traffic and the highest proportion of said demographic should equate effective ads that resonate well with the audience and higher site engagement post-click-through.

Using that as an assumption, I decided to get a list of sites that had 50,000+ unique visitors (UVs) with at least 40% of their visitors in the the 18-24 demographic.

Site Finder Screenshot

After submitting the form and downloading the list, I now have an export of a list of sites that match aforementioned requirements and a list of metrics (and the amount that they have changed month-over-month) for each site including:

  • Site Rank
  • Site Category
  • Unique Visitors
  • Page Views
  • Visits
  • Attention
  • Age
  • Income
  • Gender

Since MySpace pivoted to a music-focused platform for artists and fans alike, choosing sites that have a focus in music would help ensure delivering the ads to the most relevant audience. Using the Site Finder with that in mind gives us a list of 100+ sites. Here are the top ten sites of that list ordered by UVs:

Site Finder: 40% Ages 18-24, 50,000 UVs

If MySpace were to get in contact with some of these sites and negotiate an advertising agreement, not only will they have their messaging and advertisements on relevant sites, but they would have them in front of an engaged audience that mirrors their target demographic. If you are interested in using Site Finder, just go to the “Compare” section in Compete PRO. If you are not a Compete PRO user, start your Compete PRO subscription today.

About Zach Eberhart:
As a senior at Northeastern University, Zach Eberhart is thrilled to join the Compete team as the new Social Media / Marketing Co-op. Majoring in marketing and management information systems, Zach loves everything marketing and technology and has experience in both the agency and startup world. If you like what you read, you can connect with him on Google+ or LinkedIn.