Study Shows that Consumers Punish Brands for Poor Twitter Response Time

Twitter response time

A new study by Millward Brown Digital and Lithium found that consumers may reward brands that have a quick twitter response time. Consumers have a high expectation for brands to respond back and may even turn negative if they don’t. Here’s what else brands need to know:

Most consumers expect brands to respond within 1 hour or less

No matter the reason, 53% of consumers who expect a response expect it within the hour, 72% when it involves a complaint. Even if the Tweet is positive (i.e. recommending the brand to others), most consumers expect the brand to respond to their Tweet relatively soon.

Many consumers will take action against brands if unsatisfied

When companies don’t meet these lofty response expectations, 38 percent feel more negative about the brand and a full 60 percent will take unpleasant actions to express their dissatisfaction.

Brands can reap the benefits if prepared to respond

Brands may see an increase in brand perception, favorability and purchase intent. 43% stated that they would encourage friends and family to buy and 34% would buy more of the company’s product if the brand responded to their Tweet in a timely manner.

To read more about this study, please visit the Lithium website.

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