Sunday Series: Fantasy Football Fast Movers


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As the football season moves along and your home team playoff hopes begin to crash and burn or rise at a worrisome pace (I’m an Eagles fan, a city where hope is poisonous and it is foolish to be too optimistic), many of us have turned to our fantasy football teams for solace. The category as a whole is doing the best it has in at least two years. After a 34% month-over-month (MoM) increase in unique visitors (UVs), the category is now seeing over 25 million UVs.

In terms of the top three sites in the category, the sites that are the most popular fantasy football sites, nothing has changed. Yahoo! is still in the top spot, ESPN is still in the second spot, and NFL’s site still ranks third. The only site that offers a fantasy platform that jumped a spot was CBS who, after an 82% MoM increase in UVs, came in at fourth overall.

The fastest moving site was who, after a 1500% MoM increase in UVs, jumped from the 24th higest ranked site to the 8th. History has shown that September is the peak month for this category. Considering the fact that the past two months have earned record high traffic, it will be really interesting to see if the category as a whole can maintain their growth.

Fast Movers: Fantasy Sports

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