Red Sox vs. Cardinals: Who is Winning the Internet?

World Series

If you are a baseball fan then October is one of your favorite months out of the year. Not only do you get to enjoy all the best parts of fall, but you get to watch playoff baseball—arguably the best part of the season. Now that there are two teams left and we head into game 6 with the possibility of the Red Sox coming out on top as winners of the 2013 World Series, a lot of people here in Boston are quite excited. And that’s not just because the series is back in Compete’s home town.

The Red Sox are winning the Series. And the traffic.

Daily Reach: Red Sox vs. Cardinals

Taking a look at the most recent Compete PRO data (October 20 – October 26), we can see that the Red Sox are obvious winners when it comes to “Daily Reach,” or the percentage of the internet population that a website reaches during the day.

Aggregated Daily Reach for World Series

Although the Cardinals had higher traffic two out of the past seven days, it was not enough to come out on top. Not only did the Sox have higher levels of traffic on opening day of the World Series, but if you were to aggregate the reach for the seven days shown, you would find that the Red Sox’s reach was 22.7% higher.

Day over day Reach for World Series

One downside of the daily reach of the Red Sox is that it is also more volatile. As you can see in the graph above, not only do the Red Sox see the highest day-over-day (DoD) traffic gains, but they also see the highest DoD traffic losses.

It’s not just our data the Sox are winning in

Using data that has been shared by AT&T combined with geographical customer volume shares gathered by Millward Brown Digital, we see that the Red Sox are also winning when it comes to mobile activity.

So with that, we have found that in Game 1 of the World Series, AT&T users set a baseball stadium record with 248 GB of mobile data usage – the equivalent of 700,000 Facebook or Twitter or Instagram photo posts. This level of data usage dwarfed what AT&T saw in Games 3-5 in St Louis (an average of just 187 GB per game). And they are expecting an even bigger night tonight.

Go Red Sox!

The Red Sox are up 3-2 in the Series, they have been getting more traffic on the days that matter, they have gotten more traffic overall, they have more volatile traffic gains/losses (I’d like to think that means they have both emotional and passionate fans), and they are blowing St. Louis out of the water when it comes to mobile activity. So, with that I feel fairly confident going into game 6 tonight.

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