Sunday Series: Science Sites Have Some Positive Chemistry


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Apparently September is the month for science. The category, one that has been on the slight decline as of late, made it to our fast movers for September after a 14.9% month-over-month (MoM) increase in unique visitors (UVs) – bringing their count to a little over 16 million for the month.

One of the most interesting sites, and one of the fastest moving in terms of quantity of UVs, is A site that was created by the duo behind MythBusters, this site has a collection of videos and podcasts and discussions about, well, testing. It’s only been a few months since its launch and it is already the third highest ranked site for the category, jumping four spots in one month.

Although it’s likely that is the main reasons the science category was a fast mover, it still did not have the highest MoM gain in the top ten. saw a 185% MoM increase, that brought their UVs up to 640k and helped them break into the top ten from the previous ranking of 14. Overall though, the science category did quite well, most likely a combination of Tested’s success and the beginning of the school year. Check out the full list of the fast movers below.

Fast Movers Science

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