Sunday Series: Academic Resources See Boost With School Commencement

Academic Resources

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Now that September’s data is live, our list of fast moving categories is full of academic related sites. Everything from academic-related textbook publishers to citation and formatting related sites have seen double-digit growth. Out of these, one of the most interesting categories is the “Academic Associations & Resources” category which saw a 40% month-over-month (MoM) lift to 23.2 million unique visitors (UVs). This is the highest amount of visitors that the site has seen in over two years.

A site that we have covered before, and one of the more interesting in the list is A start up that has seen massive growth over the past five years, they offer an innovative platform for teachers and students. Rising to the top of the list from their rank of third last month, their impressive MoM growth of 69% gives them the top rank for the first time.

This edition of fast movers also sees three sites breaking into the top ten for the first time., an elementary learning platform,, a site that allows teachers to analyze the performace of their students, and, a database for teachers to print out worksheets, all broke into the top ten. Out of those three, Quia was the biggest winner with a ten spot jump to the fourth highest ranked site in the category.

Fast Movers Academic Resources

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