The Weekly Compete Pulse

Weekly Pulse

Here’s a round up of our favorite digital marketing stories from the web this week:

The Banksy Guide to Modern Marketing As a fan of street art and marketing, this blog post quickly caught my attention. Add in the fact that it draws from Banksy’s latest art exhibition in NYC and you’ve got yourself an article that is sure to perform well on the socialsphere. Offering four different pieces of advice that Banksy uses in the marketing of himself and his artwork, the author explains how brands can replicate some of his techniques—potentially even seeing some of his success.

The Age of Social Products The age of social is on the horizon. The internet of things is no longer an abstract concept that was conceived in the depths of science fiction. It will shift the way businesses will work. Companies have traditionally focused on product supremacy, outdoing their competitors with better features and attributes. In an age of social products, competitive advantage comes not from product features but from network effects. Check out the entirety of this insightful post on the future of products and the age of social.

R.I.P. EdgeRank: How To Optimize For Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm Facebook is improving on its ability to detect high-quality content. In order to best optimize for Facebook’s News Feed algorithm, marketers need to think of social comments the same way we think of content meant for Google and other search engines—in other words, if you want your content to be visible to your target audience, it must be timely, relevant, trustworthy and valuable.

3 SEO Success Factors for 2014 As SEO continues to change with things like advancements of the Knowledge Graph, Local Carousel, Google Now, Hummingbird, and the great secure search / “not provided” change. There are many things that marketers must realize and do in order to keep up with or stay ahead of the competition. SEO is still alive and well, but it is nothing like it was two years ago. Check out three factors that Search Engine Watch says will help secure your success in 2014.

What was your favorite digital marketing story this week? We’d love for you to share links in the comments!

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