The Weekly Compete Pulse

Weekly Pulse

Here’s a round up of our favorite digital marketing stories from the web this week:

Quit Trying to Market With a One Size Fits All Mindset In this excellent post by Danny Brown, he takes a step back and forces us to think about the new data that we use to market our brand. He mentions that all too often we see a new study or survey and then tailor our marketing around that. Unfortunately that doesn’t work because marketing fundamentals state that using a one-size fits all model does not work. See what he says you might be doing wrong and what you can do to make sure you don’t fall into the trap that data-driven marketing has become for many brands.

3 Big Impact Visual Techniques to Increase Your Conversion Rates If you have been following our blog recently then you probably know about our recent release of Online Conversion Insights, our new product that allows you to track your competitors’ conversion process. As conversion rate optimization gets more emphasis both on our blog and digital marketing as a whole, we’re getting a lot of good content in how to improve your conversion rates—and this article is an excellent example. Giving three well explained pieces of advice on when and how you should use images on your landing pages, this quick read is definitely worth taking a look.

The Definitive Guide to Copywriting In an epic, 30,000+ word feat, Neil Patel offers us a complete guide on copywriting. Touching on everything from writing attractive headlines, understanding your customers, mastering the art of persuasion, closing deals, and testing, this guide is something that you don’t want to miss—or at least not forget to bookmark.

Three Modern SEO Best-Practices Every CEO, CMO, and CIO Should Know In this rudimentary post by MarketingProfs, they explain what every c-suite professional should know about SEO. Although I would say that this is basic knowledge that most digital marketers should know, if you don’t follow industry news about SEO this would be a good place to start and may persuade you to begin paying closer attention.

What was your favorite digital marketing story this week? We’d love for you to share links in the comments!

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As a senior at Northeastern University, Zach Eberhart is thrilled to join the Compete team as the new Social Media / Marketing Co-op. Majoring in marketing and management information systems, Zach loves everything marketing and technology and has experience in both the agency and startup world. If you like what you read, you can connect with him on Google+ or LinkedIn.