Sunday Series: Lottery Sites Finish Strong With Summer’s End


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August was an excellent month for all things lottery. The category as a whole saw a 22% increase in unique visitors (UVs) to 32.7 million following the impressive July to August month-over-month (MoM) growth of 68%. As you might be able to guess, direct traffic does make up a large amount of the sites traffic. However, one surprising fact is that not only did it decrease in the month of August, but it is also second to search engines – which had a MoM increase of 4%.

The best performing state lottery, Florida, is actually one of the newer lotteries to have been established and has seen quite impressive growth over the past few months. In fact, “florida lottery” is actually the top search term to the category as a whole. Seeing an 18.6% MoM increase to 2.8 million UVs, the lottery has been quite successful—also seeing a 22% year-over-year (YoY) increase.

Other states that made the top ten list that saw good MoM growth were the California lottery (which was ranked first in July and is now ranked fourth), the Pennsylvania lottery, and the Texas lottery – with Texas seeing the best MoM increase. Out of all of the top ten in the fast movers list, saw the best MoM growth with a 152% increase to 2.4 million UVs. Although it is unlikely that will ever be knocked out of their top spot, a strong lottery month could have the potential to do it so be sure to check out the category in a week to see September’s data!

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