Sunday Series: Business & Finance Blogs See Increase in Business


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August was a good month for the “Business & Finance Blogs” category, seeing a 17.6% month-over-month (MoM) increase in traffic – an increase that the category as a whole hasn’t seen (excluding the June to July increase) in two years. It is hard to say why exactly the category as a whole is seeing such a lift, but there are certainly a few key sites that are contributing.

The leader in the category,, is by far the largest contributor to the category’s fast mover status. After a staggering 50% MoM increase, the site is the clear leader of the category with 5.7 million unique visitors (UVs) – an almost 2 million margin over the site that is ranked second in the category. Though the increase in traffic is spread across multiple sources, their heavy investment into Outbrain seems to be one of the primary contributors.

Other sites that saw increases were, NYTimes’ mergers and acquisitions blog, which saw a 39% MoM increase in traffic, and and which saw a 30% and 50% MoM increase, respectively. Although it is unclear why the New York Times property saw such an increase, we can see from search referral data that GigaOM and VentureBeat are seeing a lot of their gains from the recent technology releases.

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