Do Silver Screen Titles Lead To On Site Success?

Movie Theater

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A movie theater is a great place to cool off from the heat and enjoy a box office hit. So what new summer releases are driving traffic to the movie site Using Compete data, I looked at the top daily search referrals and found that many newly released movie titles are driving traffic.

Top 20 IMDB Search Referrals

“Man of Steel”, “The Purge”, “Fast and Furious 6”, “Pacific Rim” and “World War Z” were all released in the past 3 months and are among the top 20 keyword referrals to IMDB. In addition to movie facts and show times, IMDB offers celebrity news and information about television shows. It is evident that the majority of traffic and search referrals are coming from current silver screen titles. Do you think IMDB should focus their online marketing strategy on bidding for keywords of current movie titles to increase traffic to their site?

Daily Reach IMDB

Knowing that new movie title keywords increase search referrals, I decided to look at daily metrics. Looking at daily reach and daily attention over the last 3 months for, there is a noticeable trend with a peak of reach and attention on box office premiere days.

Daily Attention IMDB

Man of Steel premiered the weekend of June 14th and World War Z premiered the weekend of June 21st. Both dates show a spike in daily reach and daily attention. IMDB is proving to be a star studded website with an increase in traffic, search referrals, daily reach and attention due to big screen hits.

Unique Visitors vs

Looking at unique visitors (UVs) to the top movie sites in the past 3 months, takes the top spot with 23.7 million UVs. Taking a close second spot is which has had a 8.7% month-over-month (MoM) increase in August with a total of 22.3 million UVs. With Yahoo’s recent redesigns and acquisitions, I wonder if its movie site will continue to increase in UVs and get two thumbs up for July or if IMDB is expecting a sequel.

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