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The Guardian Syria

Image from: Syria / The Guardian saw explosive growth in August as the popular online newspaper moved from on July 30 to Comparing in August to over the recent months also shows that the news outlet had their best month for unique visitors (UVs) in two years. Using Compete PRO, we can see that Americans were driven to The Guardian for their perspective on the current events in Syria with the keyword “syria” being the eighth most popular keyword for driving traffic to

With the NFL preseason in full swing in August, saw its usual August rise in traffic with this August beating last year by more than 25%.

Textbook rental sites and saw a big increase in traffic in August as students prepared to go back to school on a budget. Despite both sites having their best traffic month in two years, they may be concerned to learn how much traffic they’re losing to Amazon. Chegg sent nearly 7% of their outgoing traffic to and sent 9% of their outgoing traffic to the online retail giant.

Monthly Fast Movers August 2013

MySpace’s new focus seems to be going well as they are once again featured prominently in the monthly fast movers list. Average stay on the site saw a month-over-month (MOM) increase for the first time since May, potentially suggesting that the new, creative focus of the site is in fact enhancing engagement.

Looking at year-over-year (YOY) growth instead of the monthly fast movers, you can see which sites have grown significantly over the last year. Unsurprisingly, since it only launched in January 2013,’s YOY growth has been phenomenal, with similar reasoning applying to the growth of as we referred to above. More interesting is the steady growth of since May 2012, culminating in a 1075.18% growth YOY compared to August 2012. The growth makes sense with the current state of the economy, which we can confirm by using Compete PRO search referrals. 17 of the top 20 keywords driving traffic to are related to finding grants, scholarships, or loans to pay for school. also seems to know how to capture their market with 11 of those top 20 keywords being paid for by School Connection in some capacity.

Yearly Fast Movers August 2013

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  1. James Smyth

    Is there an issue with the data updating? The Aug numbers you list for folks like and in your blog post for Aug don’t match what the charts for those respective companies show, for Aug. Its way off. Thought you should be alerted.


  2. Tef

    Hi Compete guys,

    I run a small blog site, and I have been displaying USA traffic of 5 websites using the gadget for a while.

    But, at the moment, this widget doesn’t work. I am not sure how long it has not been working.

    Is there a way to fix this problem? Perhaps, do you offer a similar widget for free of charge? If so, please post your comment below.

    Thanks a million.