Sunday Series: Football Category Scores as Season Begins


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Making the fast mover list before the pre-season began, the Football category was bound to move to the top of the list in August. Yes, football season has started and with it the flood of traffic to the various football-oriented sites.

Last week, we took a look only at the behavioral category “Football Enthusiasts” and saw which teams made the top 10 list. This time, we are taking a look at the “Football” category as a whole to see what other football sites are doing at the beginning of the season.

The biggest changes happened in two directions. The Packers (, a site that was ranked fourth on the list in the month of July, made a jump to the second rank, overtaking the Cowboys ( as the top NFL team in regard to the number of unique visitors (UVs). The other dramatic change was the drop of from the second spot to the sixth. Fortunately, this was not at the expense of their traffic which still saw a 6% increase. still remains in the top spot and should be for the rest of the season (especially considering their 137% increase to 13.1 million UVs). This was also a good month for us New Englanders. The Patriots (, the only team in the top 10 to see a decrease last week, saw a large jump of 142% to 648k UVs.

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