Sunday Series: Which Football Teams Were Winning Before Pre-Season Began?

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Preseason is winding down, the first game is on the horizon, and despite a disappointing preseason for some teams, many fans are remaining optimistic for a playoff season. But which teams are winning online? We take a look at July’s data to see which team’s fans are the most engaged with their favorite team’s website.

Using data from our behavioral category “Football Enthusiast,” we see that the Dallas Cowboys, the Green Bay Packers, and the Pittsburgh Steelers are among the top 3 most trafficked team sites in terms of unique visitors (UVs). This could hint at many things. Do these teams have the most engaged fans? Are these teams the most active in the digital landscape? Or do they just have the most fans? Although just looking at this data calls for further investigation, it is definitely an interesting insight for the teams and fans alike.

One other interesting thing is to see the movement among the ranks. Will the Cowboys still be at the top at the end of the season? I know as an Eagles fan I am definitely pitted against that possibility (unfortunately they are ranked 11th in July – something I hope will change come August). Also, why, out of all teams in the top ten, are Patriots the only team to see a month over month decline? Not only should they’ve seen a spike in traffic due to the Hernandez arrest, but they are Compete’s home team!

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