The Weekly Compete Pulse

Weekly Pulse

Here’s a round up of our favorite digital marketing stories from the web this week:

Four ex-Googlers answer common SEO myths SEO is something that will forever remain a mystery. While some things are known to be law, there are still many things that people aren’t sure about. Using the expertise of four ex-Googlers, this article attempts to shed some light on some of the more common myths that are continually perpetuated by misinformation on the internet.

How To Build a High-Performing Digital Team As digital takes on a larger role in business, choosing the correct combination of people for your digital team is going to become more important. In this Harvard Business article, the author explains who he feels are the right people from his 15+ years of experience. Many may disagree with some of the statements, but overall takeaways are hard to ignore.

12 Pay-Per-Click Landing Page Examples [With Critiques] The creation of landing pages is definitely not an easy task. Well, at least the creation of low-cost, high-converting, politically-appeasing landing pages. Luckily we have this article from Unbounce to help us in the never-ending quest for the perfect landing page. Use this visually pleasing, illustrative guide to dos and don’ts when creating (or modifying) your next landing page.

8 Tips For Creating Effective Calls To Action (With Real Examples) After you are finished learning how to create perfect landing pages, you will need to know how to create one of the most essential parts of landing pages, emails, display ads and the like – an effective call-to-action. Outlining 8 tips in this quick list post, Koozai helps you as a digital marketer to create CTAs that will help improve your conversion rate.

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