Sunday Series: Fast Movers Among Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football

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It’s that time of the year again. Summer is cooling down and football season is heating up. And with that comes one of the best things about the start of football season—the start of fantasy football season. As you decide on players, what your team name is going to be, and what kind of wings to order for the draft, many league managers are deciding which fantasy site to use.

Going strictly by the numbers, it seems that Yahoo! is once again on top – and with quite a significant lead. With over 1 million more unique visitors (UVs) than this time last year, Yahoo! has solidified their top spot and with an impressive year over year increase of 46%. This differs from the other leading fantasy football platforms, ESPN and NFL, who both have kept roughly the same number of UVs for the month of July last year (1.75m and 649k, respectively).

Fast Movers Fantasy Football

This begs the question of why Yahoo has experienced such a large year over year increase where the other platforms have remained stagnant. Are they focusing on new user acquisition where the others are focused on retention? Or are they earning new users from their competition? Also, will NFL be able to keep up their impressive triple-digit growth? It will definitely be interesting to watch throughout this season – you know, in between all of the trades, clutch pick ups and inter-league smack talking.

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