Sunday Series: MMA Fights Their Way to the Top of July’s Fast Movers


Image from: MMA / Shutterstock

As we prepare for the impending football season, many sports fans are forced to look elsewhere for their fix. Although many would expect it to be in baseball, now in it’s second half of the season, we are surprised to find a new contender making a significant jump in traffic. This sport? Mixed martial arts.

With almost every single one of the top mixed martial arts sites seeing a double percentage point month-over-month jump in traffic, and the category as a whole seeing 51% jump in unique visitors (UVs) to 1.8 million, there is no questioning the increase in interest from sports fans. Perhaps the most impressive increase in UVs was from Not only did they see a 65% jump in traffic, but they solidified their place as the top site for another month – giving them more than double the amount of UVs than the second highest ranked site.

Fast Movers MMA

As baseball continues in their season, and football’s preseason heats up in August, it will be interesting to see how mixed martial arts will perform and if they can sustain the increase in traffic. What do you think will happen?

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