July Data is LIVE at Compete

Myspace July Data

July data is live on Compete.com

Yellow.com is way ahead in our fast movers list in July with what looks like astronomical traffic growth; however, if we look at the history of unique visitors to yellow.com in Compete PRO, we can see that this is actually a case of Yellow.com returning to something approaching its historical traffic levels.

SafeShare.tv and DegreeSearch.org enjoyed strong growth, no doubt capitalizing on people’s desire for safe online content and the emerging back-to-school season.

Adobe.com had a great month for growth, especially when you also take into account the sheer volume of traffic they get. However, if you look in the subdomains tab of Compete PRO, it becomes apparent that this was driven by a software update.

Mojang.com also had a solid month for growth following an update to the wildly popular sandbox game, Minecraft. The keyword “minecraft horse update” drove nearly 3.5% of traffic from search referrals to Mojang.com.

Although it didn’t have the largest growth, MySpace.com was probably the star of July’s fast movers. The original titan of social networks made a strong comeback in July with the revamp of the site that launched for all users in mid-June.

Myspace Unique Visitors

Taking a deeper dive into the fast movers list with Compete PRO we can see that perhaps not everyone was so excited about the new MySpace as “old myspace” was the 40th most popular keyword driving traffic to MySpace.com in the last 90 days. The renewed focus on a creative audience showed through as the only outgoing site from MySpace.com in the top 5 to increase share in July was YouTube. Even though there was a large increase in unique visitors to MySpace.com, engagement with the site should be closely monitored moving forward since average stay and pages per visit on the site have continued to decline month-over-month since May this year.

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