Sunday Series: Popular Hotel Chains Among June’s Fast Movers

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This Sunday we take a another look at the tourism industry, or more specifically, popular hotel chains – a category that was among one of the fastest moving in June. The category as a whole saw an increase of 8.9% in unique visitors (UVs), something that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise considering the increase in vacations during the summer months.

One interesting thing to take a look at is, save for Marriott, most of the hotel chains that saw a large boost were budget or lower cost chains – something that contradicts the decline in money saving sites in last week’s Sunday Series. In light of this fact, it is also surprising that Marriot, a chain that is not focused in the budget market, saw double-digit growth.

Hotel Chains Fast Movers

Despite Marriott’s large jump, it does seem that consumers are choosing lower budget options rather than forgoing the summer vacation altogether. This can be enforced by the tremendous growth that Airbnb has seen in the past few months. Beating out all of the fast movers, Airbnb saw a nearly 25% increase in their UVs from May to June. Seen as an disruptive technology in the industry, it will be exciting to see if Airbnb can continue their upward trend and begin to become a major player in the tourism industry.

Unique Visitors Airbnb

Anything you find surprising about the data? In light of this, what other sectors of tourism would you expect to see growth?

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