Sunday Series: Tech Products on the Rise, Money Saving Sites on the Decline

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While many people are enjoying the summer outside at the beach or around the house working on their home improvement projects, there are many that think the best way to beat the heat is by staying inside and shopping. Although this may not be surprising to most, what may be surprising is what they are shopping for. The answer, tech.

Yes, while many of the top shopping blogs like the,, and saw a decrease in their traffic, many of the tech/gadget blogs saw a fairly large increase. This could be because school is starting soon and parents are getting a head start on purchasing the big ticket items or simply because the unrelenting heat is keeping everyone inside playing with their new gadgets. Either way, it is interesting to see that while nearly every shopping blog geared towards saving money has seen a loss of traffic, sites catered towards expensive tech products have seen a jump.

Tech Product Sites Among Fast Movers

While many people are staying in and burning plastic, there are the few that are using their time to get outside and be active – seen by a 17% increase in unique visitors (UVs) to Whether or not they use the shoes to go out running once they arrive is still up for debate.

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