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The annual BET Awards in June was a boon for BET.com traffic last month, pushing the domain to grow nearly 160% month-over-month! Television and video sites seemed to have a strong month in June with BET.com, TV.com, Crackle.com, and Discovery.com all making it into June Fast Movers; perhaps people in the U.S. were beating the summer heat with streaming media. Twitter’s launch of Vine for Android in June likely played a role in the significant traffic increase to vine.co, expanding on their already massive iOS user base.

Diving deeper into the fast movers list with Compete PRO we can see that U.S. Internet users were also looking for summer fun from Six Flags as the popular amusement park company continued to dominate the Theme Park category in June with nearly double the amount of traffic as the next closest contender. Six Flags also manages to dominate the category’s search referrals, snagging 9 of the top 50 keyword spots. The Theme Park category as a whole experienced an impressive 17.99% growth in June. Even more interesting is the impact of email marketing on amusement park sites; traffic from Gmail and Yahoo! Mail alone accounted for more than 2% of the category’s traffic in June!

Fast Movers June 2013

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