Sunday Series: Home Improvement Fast Movers

Home Improvement

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With warm weather comes beach and camping trips, outdoor grilling, sunbathing, and… home improvement projects. May is the month when hopeful DIYers and gardeners begin researching, planning, and getting excited for all of their summer projects. This is shown quite clearly with a 3.47% increase in unique visitors to the category and spikes upwards of 100% for a few of the fastest moving home improvement sites.

The fastest moving site, a home and garden site called HomeShine, saw a 450% jump in their unique visitors from April to May which helped them to move 34 spots closer to the top. Among the other fastest movers were IdealHomeGarden and Living the Country Life – both of which were able to double their unique visitors over the course of the month.

One glaring theme among the fastest movers in the Home Improvement category is the focus on gardening. Only time will tell as to whether or not these desktop gardeners have followed through with their aspirations during the first few warm days of the season.

Home Improvement Fast Movers

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